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Your bbdiam diamond

Give birth to your diamond and watch it grow, month after month until total satisfaction

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Fr 3.- per month

Your bbdiam is a real diamond. It has the same composition, hardness, brilliancy, and properties of a natural diamond.


Such as a natural diamond, your bbdiam is created in a laboratory that reproduces the miracle of mother nature by crystallizing pure carbon under extreme pressures and temperatures.


Your bbdiam is growing on monthly bases. You still can accelerate its growth if needed and gain a month of growth by adding diamond powder for Fr 3.-per growth cycle.


This operation can be repeated as many times as you wish.


Your bbdiam must reach the minimum size of 2mm before it can be cut and shipped to you. It will take 2 weeks to cut and ship it.


You can also let your bbdiam growing naturally. However, your bbdiam will be automatically sent to you at the end of its growth period.(1/2 carat).

Make my bbdiam grow faster

If you wish to accelerate the growth of your bbdiam, you can add diamond powder and benefit from an additional month of growth (Fr 3.-) per process.

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  • What are the advantages of my bbdiam?
    Your bbdiam is a real diamond, ecological and respectful of human rights. Your bbdiam is purer than a natural diamond because it contains no impurities.
  • What is the quality of my bbdiam?
    Your bbdiam has an "extra white" color and a high quality degree of purity. It has a 57 facets brilliant cut giving its optimal radiance. These qualities are allowing your bbdiam to be classified such as a true precious diamond.
  • How was created my bbdiam?
    Your bbdiam was created in a laboratory using state-of-the-art technology to replicate the miracle of nature. Pure carbon is compressed under extreme heat to crystallize it. The diamond crystal is then cut into a round shape with 57 facets to achieve exceptional brilliance.
  • Is my bbdiam as valuable as a natural diamond?
    Besides the fact that the Apps bbdiam offers you the opportunity to acquire a diamond 50% cheaper than the market price, you will appreciate that your bbdiam, being produced in the laboratory, reflects the ethical values ​​of love, respect of the planet and the human rights. Your bbdiam has a low carbon footprint; does not fund any conflict; does not entail any displacement of local communities; does not destroy any natural site and does not affect wildlife; it does not pollute groundwater, as diamonds extracted from mines are doing. Your bbdiam therefore deserves in your eyes its true ethical value, in accordance with your conscience and your feelings at the idea of ​​owning a bbdiam or of offering it to a loved one.


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